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Declarations of Conformity CE certificate and

CE document
We see CE letters in many products in free circulation in the European Economic Area (EEA). This sign, which means Conformity to Europe, indicates that the products sold within the Community are inspected / evaluated according to the minimum safety, health and environmental protection requirements. You will see the CE mark on a new phone, food processor, television or crayons that you have purchased within the European Community. The CE mark also expresses fair competition conditions by requiring all manufacturers to comply with the same accountable rules.

TSE Turkish Standards Compliance Certificate

Indicating the conformity of the said products of the companies that are entitled to obtain Competence Certificate in the subjects with the Turkish standard and the relevant Turkish standard, and indicating the trademark, type, class, type and type of the products, which are issued on behalf of the company that is given the right to use the TSE Mark, with the contract signed, is a document with a validity period of one year.

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