Resume Preparation Guide: Create Ideal CV

The curriculum vitae that everyone who steps into the business world should have will be your biggest assistant in job applications you make to professional institutions. What is CV in this article, what you need to pay attention when preparing, professional Resume Preparation We examine such issues closely.

What is CV?

Curriculum vitae is the Turkish equivalent of Curriculum Vitae, which means professional resume in English. The difference from the CV, which is about human life, is that it has the quality of informing about the career of the person. A resume includes general information, work experiences, achievements, knowledge and skills in the professional field of the person. In short, a resume is the most accurate and fastest way to introduce oneself. For this reason, professional resumes play a major role in employment applications to corporate companies. A properly prepared resume can offer you much more than just an A4 sheet of paper.

Resume Preparation

Preparing a resume is extremely easy, and the important thing is to have a resume that will set you apart. For this, you need more than the CV preparation tools of various career sites, classic software, and most importantly, your own imagination. Remember that you should do this in plain but effective words, not unnecessary, fancy sentences.

The important thing is not what you add to your resume, but what you add to the company.

For an effective CV, you should prepare a file in A4 format, which expresses yourself correctly and consists of a maximum of 2 pages, excluding academic CVs. When using the first or third person singular, you should prefer easy-to-read fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial with 11 or 12 points. Except for websites, you should not underline any word or sentence, and you should pay attention to the spelling rules. You should especially avoid unnecessary information and long sentences, you should not forget that a resume can be examined by human resources for a maximum of 3 minutes in the first place.

Your Career Goal

Adding a few sentences about your career goal while preparing a resume will be an effective step to get human resources to know you better.

Personal Information

Your name, full address, telephone number and e-mail address are essential for a resume. Your date of birth, place of birth and marital status are also extremely important, and it will be useful to indicate your nationality when you apply to institutions abroad.

Academic Information

Under the education information, listing the schools you graduated, degrees or achievements in reverse order will enable the institution you apply to have more insight into your educational status.

Work Experience

Work experience is one of the most important headings of a resume. In this section, you should specify the institutions and positions you have worked for before, and talk about your achievements and experiences in the most effective way.


In this section, you can specify the languages ​​you know, computer programs and at what level you have mastered them. If the position you are applying for is closely related to this section, you can diversify it by adding various information.

Courses / Certificates

You can specify the courses you have attended before and the certificates you have received from these courses under this heading.


In this section, you can specify your bosses at the institutions you have worked for, provided that you inform them. The point you need to pay attention to when presenting your references is to include people who really know you well. If you do not have a reference, you can remove this section from your resume.

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CV preparation is an extremely important issue for you to transfer your current skills to the other party in the best possible way. Personally, when I am going to prepare a CV, I first give importance to showing off. The person who takes it will feel the need to take a look instead of putting it aside. Because today, there are thousands of applications for a job. You have to put yourself first. While the items listed above are quite remarkable, do not forget to show off at the same time 🙂