Performance Analysis What is it? How?

Performance Analysis What?

Earthquake performance analysis, public buildings, educational buildings, residences, workplaces, apartments, hospitals, healthcare buildings, factories, sports facilities and all kinds of buildings are a durability test to find out how resistant to earthquakes. Performance analysis As a result, it is necessary to strengthen the buildings that are found to be insufficiently resistant to earthquakes.

How is Earthquake Resistance Test Done?

Earthquake performance analysisentered into the earthquake regulation for the first time in 2007 and is explained in detail in Chapter 7. The steps to be followed in order to make an analysis according to the explanations specified in the relevant regulation are stated respectively.

  • Earthquake performance analysis While starting the construction, the old static and architectural project of the building to be examined must first be requested. If the project is not found, it is necessary to re-examine the structure and prepare a new plan, in other words.
  • The core sample should be taken to measure the strength of the concrete from the appropriate places on the floors of the structure under examination and this sample should be sent to a laboratory approved by the ministry for testing.
  • The diameter, number and stirrup intervals of the irons used in the building should be examined using appropriate devices.
  • A detailed examination should be made by digging a hole from a suitable location in order to examine the foundation of the building.
  • At a point where the ground has settled, a geological ground study should be done and a sample of the ground should be taken.
  • After these steps, the information required to perform earthquake performance analysis is completed. After these processes, the building is modeled and calculated by moving to a 3-dimensional drawing.
  • After the modeling and calculation processes are completed, the damage status of the building is examined and a performance analysis report is obtained.

The report obtained after these operations is divided into four in terms of score. These are in the position of collapse, the structure is in the position of preventing collapse, the building life safety is at the performance level, and the building is at the immediate use performance level.

According to the earthquake regulations, residences must be at the level of building life safety performance at least, schools and hospitals must meet the level of immediate use performance of the building. As a result of the analysis, if the building is in the position of collapse or in the position of preventing the building collapse, it is necessary to carry out building strengthening work.

According to the earthquake regulations, buildings that do not provide the necessary durability cannot be occupied. In order to reopen the building for use, it is necessary to perform a strengthening study and analyze it again.

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