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What is Vibratory Concrete Screed Machine? What are the Usage Areas?
Before starting to set the compacted concrete being poured, it is necessary to start the surface smoothing process. In the process of smoothing the surfaces of small areas, a wooden or steel jig and trowel can be used. Vibrating concrete hand screed should be used to ensure the smoothness of the surface of large areas. Then, if necessary, the leveling and polishing process is continued with a trowel.

The water on the concrete surface, which is important in the screed application process, helps to ensure the smoothness of the cement grout (perspiration). One person is sufficient for the vibratory hand screed of the concrete surface. Concrete leveling and stripping should be done in the direction of concrete pouring. Generally, the concrete field should be made in the direction of the short side.

After the concrete is poured, the first correction process is carried out in order to get rid of the protruding or hollow parts that may be found on the surface of the concrete that has settled in the mold and compacted, and to bring the concrete surface to the same level. A smooth floating hand gauge is used for this process.

The final correction is made so that the concrete surface, which has been brought to the same level at the end of the first leveling process, can be brought to a completely smooth state. In the final correction, the flotation method process can be achieved by pressing the concrete surface lightly with a tool we call the clover, and by floating it on the concrete surface, the rough parts and thin cracks on the concrete surface can be closed.

In the process of smoothing the surface with the flotation method, motorized tools that come into contact with the concrete and have a rotating disc, also known as concrete polishing machines are used. However, in order to obtain a smoother and smoother surface in small areas, it is necessary to level with a steel trowel. The time when the last correction can be initiated is determined as follows:

There should not be any water on the concrete surface and the concrete surface should not lose its shine.

The concrete surface must be solidified enough to bear a human load (not more than 3-5 mm of a foot when pressed).

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What is Briquette?
Block Concrete Types Used in the Building Sector for the Purpose of Forming External Wall and Internal Separator Wall are generally called Briquettes. Briquette Stone Saves Time in Creating Walls Because of Its Surface Size. Minimize Wall Curvatures Caused by Worker Errors. Since its load carrying capacity is higher than bricks and similar materials, it plays a supporting role in building statics. Contributes to insulation since it has low sound and thermal conductivity. Briquette Production is Made with Briquette Machine. It is quite easy to supply briquettes by finding a briquette machine factory according to the national economy. Since the Briquette Machine can produce construction materials such as curbstone, paving stone, grass stone, pumice, styrofoam pumice and rain gutter at the same time, you can supply all materials that may be needed in building and environmental arrangements.

Soil Grinding Machine

Gardeners sometimes need finer soil. Therefore, the soil grinding machine is very important. Because thanks to these machines, you can grind the soil to the size you want and make it smaller. This way you can have the fine soil you want. These machines are among the most ideal machines for those dealing with landscaping.

What is Ytong Cutting Machine?
With the serrated blade on it, only ytong is cut. It is compatible with work safety. You can make measured cuts thanks to the meter and meter clamps on the table.
The machine is divided into 2 parts as top and bottom. It is comfortable in terms of transportation and transportation. There is an emergency stop button on it.

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