1000L Concrete Bucket Hose Type






Capacity1000 dm³
Weight400 Kg
DimensionsØ1300 x 1800 mm
Opening DiameterØ200 mm

Tower crane concrete buckets, colon and the slurry flow to the intermediate beams, the loss of certain central mortar sağlamaktadır.500,750,1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 liters we produce in tower cranes concrete buckets are used at the construction site where the use of concrete pumps.

concrete bucket hose on demand to provide a more controlled to reach the desired location for the efficient use of concrete concrete buckets can be used. Concrete bucket hose is 200 mm in diameter and 2 m length as standard.

bucket apparatus that provides the flow of the concrete can be easily integrated. Also, the transport platform for personnel which are used to orient the hose concrete bucket can also optionally be added.

Aquarius Aquarius cast concrete or mortar What is it?

concrete mortar conveying bucket in the industry, with concrete mortar transport bucket and known concrete buckets tank as name, column and allows concreting between each beam. Side and a bottom cover of concrete bucket There are models. The act of opening the cover may be made mechanically or by means of steering. hose or the hose There are also concrete bucket options. Concrete buckets hose provides the fluid loss of the mortar.

on construction sites and businesses in various capacities; sand transport bucket, bucket pouring gravel, gravel sand transport bucket and the boiler can be widely used as names.

tower cranes self in the construction sector discharging sand bucketand then used by the builders mortar drainer It is also known as the name. Fabricated concrete tower crane bucket, facilitates the work of construction companies especially in areas where the use of concrete pumps.

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