100L Betoniyer

100 liter Concrete Mixer (mixers) Features





Capacity1.5 ~ 2 m³ / Current
Weight90 Kg
Dimensions1.050x750x1.200 mm
Kazan Age25 Rpm
MotorElectric 0.55 kw / hp 0.75

What ? What Does?

It is a mortar mixer that mixes sand, gravel, silt, cement and water into concrete. In the past, concrete was made by throwing a mixture of dry materials together into a crate. This expensive method has been replaced by grinding mixers. After a certain time, modern rotary concrete mixers started to be used. This machine consisted of a vessel in which the mixture forming the concrete was put, and a motor that rotates it. Our concrete mixers are produced according to three different engine types: gasoline, diesel and electric. You can contact us for more information.

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