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Chain Mechanical Hoists
Skinny Pattern Locks
Skinny Wringing / Stretching Machines
Iron Cutting Machines
Iron Bending Machines
Vibrating Hammer
Diesel Engine

Chain Hoists

The most important feature of mechanical hoists, also known as hoists, is that the loads you are lifting can stop without a force in the desired position and the lever force required to lift the loads is less, the lack of such mechanical hoists is that the time to lift the load is longer than the electric hoist hoists.

Hoists consist of two fixed and one movable free pulley, concentric and rotating together. Manual manual hoists have become a sought-after equipment in small-scale workshops and enterprises due to their easy maintenance and small size.

Skinny Pattern Locks

If iron bars are used instead of studs in mutual fixing of curtain, column and beam molds; It prevents the mold from opening by attaching to both ends of the rod. It holds the iron rod by tightening it securely thanks to its steel gear-spring latch.

Skinny Wringing / Stretching Machines

If iron bars are used instead of studs in the mutual fixation of curtain, column and beam molds; It is the clamping element of the mackerel lock that prevents the opening of the mold by attaching to both ends of the rod.

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Iron Cutting Machines

Iron cutting machines are generally used in the construction industry to cut different thicknesses of iron. With iron cutting machines in the construction area, you can easily cut the iron in any size and shape. Thanks to these machines, the difficulties in the construction field have turned into an easily resolvable dimension. Besides being easily portable, iron cutting machines are one of the durable machines.

Iron Bending Machines

It is mainly used to bend and shape metals such as flat iron and rebar in desired form. The new generation of iron bending machines increases work efficiency and significantly reduces work intensity. Industrial machines developed in order to bend the rebars in the desired shape show high performance even in continuous use. Iron bending tools, which can bend in the form of "L", "U", "J" and "S", are often preferred for the construction of materials such as windows, doors, fences and chairs, as well as traditional use. Wide-mouthed iron bending machine tools help to design wrought iron and decorative items.

Vibrating Hammer

Hopper, Four-stroke air-cooled Honda Engine, low emission, high performance. High noise isolation, shock absorbing handle and working opportunity without tiring the operator High stroke stroke for ideal clamps. With its long-lasting iron foot and ergonomic use, it is a compression equipment designed for easy use with superior performance in compressing granule, mixed and clayey floors in narrow areas and in natural gas channels.

Vibration Motor

It is the type of engine that provides vibration thanks to the eccentric hammers on both sides of the engine. Vibration motors; It is used in all areas where vibrating movement requires such as loosening and dispersing processes such as sieves, storage silos, flour mills, feed factories, filter facilities, vibrating discharge channels, grain and agriculture machines, sand, lime, coal.

Pallet truck

Pallet trucks are vehicles that work with human-controlled or battery powered pallet trucks. They are vehicles that are used to lift the materials loaded on the pallets with the power of the hydraulic pump and transport them horizontally on the wheels. They consist of two forks and loading is done by inserting these forks into the spaces on the pallets and lifting the forks in the upward direction. Special scissor pallet trucks, short pallet trucks, long pallet trucks can be found for different jobs. Pallets are for load carrying purposes and should not be used for live transportation. The pallet truck is used by pulling, not pushing. Sudden turns should be avoided when there is a load on it. The carrying capacity of pallet trucks is written on the label on them. If the loaded material and the center of gravity of the pallet truck are not aligned, tipping may occur and the load may be damaged.

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