Considerations When Buying Home Need What?

Your happiness for everyone so excited in a challenging but the process of buying a new home lest corruption in this article Houses need to be careful when buying What are we examining in all details.

Considerations When Buying Home in

  • Set your budget and check out the homes that fit your budget.
  • Pre-screen the homes with the criteria you are looking for.
  • Pay attention to whether you have a home tool you want to buy
  • Check if the house is eligible for credit.
  • Make sure that the sales price of the house is at market value.
  • Check if the house is not subject to sales such as mortgage or lien.
  • If the house has just been painted, make sure there is no dampness.
  • Consider the house's proximity to the city center and transportation possibilities.
  • Get information about apartment layout and neighborhood relations.
  • If there is an existing tenant in the apartment, be sure to check the lease agreement.

Considerations When Buying Home in: Set Your Budget Correctly

Before starting the search for a house in the process of buying a new home, determining your budget correctly will save you a lot of time. Searching for housing without determining the correct budget may cause your time and energy to run out in this elapsed time. Therefore, setting the right budget They need to be careful when buying home It is one of the most important titles of the list.

In order to make budget planning, it is necessary to determine how much credit the banks will allocate to you, even if it is an estimate. For this, you can use the loan calculation tools on the official websites of the banks, or you can go to the branch and meet with your representative face to face. If you are not going to use credit, you can proceed to the next step.

Considerations When Buying Home in: Prevent Houses with the Criteria You Are Seeking

As long as you are in search of a new home, you will constantly follow popular advertisement sites and you will encounter dozens of houses that you absolutely like from hundreds of thousands of ads. After determining the postings you like, it is useful to pre-screen them with the help of various factors.

While doing this pre-selection, the location, price, size, number of floors, accessibility and whether there is a real estate agent in between should be taken into consideration. You can also reproduce these factors according to yourself, remember that buying a house is a very difficult process to return.

Considerations When Buying Home in: Be Considered If There Is A Home Agent You Want To Buy

At the same time, it is useful to pay attention to whether there is a real estate office, in other words, a real estate agent once in a while while reviewing the ads. This can strain your budget, as realtors can demand payments from buyers and sellers at a rate of 2% + VAT based on the value of the house.

Make Sure Your Home Sales Market Worth the Cost of Being

When buying a new home, determining the market value of the house is extremely important, but also difficult. In order to conduct market research, you can benefit from the evaluation methods according to the equivalent housing or rental prices applied by expert inspection companies.

If you want to determine the market over the equivalent house, you can get the price average of the apartments in the same location, size and floor. When applying this method, it is useful to pay attention to the fact that the advertisements you are comparing are located at the same or close to the house you are doing market research. Otherwise, it is not possible to reach a completely correct result.

In order to calculate using rental prices, which is another method of determining the value, you need to multiply the rental prices of the house equivalents by 215. The amount released will provide you with the approximate market value of the house and provide you with information about the market value of the house. Using both calculation methods, the average of both will give a much more accurate result.

Whether that house Credit Check

If you are going to use a loan, it is useful to question whether the house you will buy is suitable for credit. Otherwise, as you will not be able to get back the appraisal fee you will pay to the bank in addition to your wasted time, the money you have paid may only return to you as a loss.

The home you will buy must meet certain conditions in order to be eligible for the loan. In the light of the information on this list, it is possible to have an idea about whether the house is suitable for credit.

  • The house you are going to buy must have floor servitude and ownership.
  • A newly built home must be at least 80% complete for many banks.
  • After the zoning, there should be no action against the project of the house.
  • If the house has more than one shareholder, all shareholders must sell.
  • The person selling the house should not be your father, mother, sibling or sibling's children.

Check if the house has an obstacle for sale such as mortgage or lien

Make sure that the house you want to buy does not have any obstacle to sales such as mortgage, lien. Note that it is not possible to sell the property on credit or in cash if there is an existing foreclosure.

Make Sure To Be Moisture if the new house paint

One of the issues that people who buy a new home complain about is the dampness in their homes. Generally, the humidity, which is not obvious if you do not pay particular attention to newly painted houses, can cause big problems in your new home. For this, you can have an idea by examining the external insulation of the house, if you do not understand, you can get support from an expert.

Watching the furnishing of the house's proximity to the city center and transport facilities

Today, the proximity of a house to the city center and transportation facilities causes it to gain a great deal of value, especially in metropolitan cities. Houses located close to new projects can find buyers at very high prices and can be sold quickly.

Apartment Layout And Neighborly Relations Information about the owner Register

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors of an apartment building is the apartment layout and neighborhood relations. Having good neighbors in your new apartment will both reduce the problems and increase your quality of life. For this reason, it is very important to have information about the apartment layout and neighborhood relations before purchasing a new home.

Review the Lease Agreement Surely if any are already a tenant in the apartment

If a tenant is already living in the house you are going to buy, it is very important to review the lease agreement. When you buy a new house, you have the lease contract with you and you have to abide by the terms written in the contract. Unless the tenant accepts during the lease, you cannot make a raise, and you have to wait for the process of finding a new home for 6 months after removing the tenant.

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