Ground Control Gear Crane

Ground Control Gear 3HP Crane (2)

Ground Control Gear 3HP Vinci (3)

Ground Control Gear 3HP Vinci (4)

Ground Control Gear Crane 3HP

Capacity500 Kg
Weight130 Kg
Rope Length50 ~ 60 m
MotorPower 2.2 kW / 3.0 HP 1400 d / d

Ground Control Building construction cranes are many ongoing construction in high and medium-sized pumice, Ytong, brick, cement, sand, mortar and used in the transport of building materials like this. Several cranes, elevators with machine like this work are provided. The purse seine winch system controlled from the ground helps extremely reliable and fast transport of the load.

Ground Controlled Crane Features (TFA)
Ground controlled purse varieties are machines with powerful lifting capacity. It allows you to easily remove all kinds of materials. Ground-controlled cranes are used to the largest construction area of ​​small construction sites. Control is more preferred for their ease of use of small models and a portable crane.

* (MF) Ceryanl 220V motor; (TF) 380V Industrial Ceryanl represents motor.

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