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our human resources policyOur Human Resources Policy

While creating recruitment policies and career planning, the principle of providing equal opportunities to people under equal conditions is adopted. Succession planning is prepared for the determination of new managers to be appointed in cases where the changes in executive duties are predicted to cause disruption in the management of the company.
Criteria for personnel recruitment are determined in writing and these criteria are followed. Recruitment processes are defined by procedures.
All rights provided to employees are treated fairly, training and development programs are carried out to increase employees' knowledge, skills and competencies, and training policies are established.
Informative meetings are held by the Board of Directors regarding the financial status, targets and general progress of the company for the employees. Meetings on occupational health and safety of employees are held quarterly with the participation of employee representatives. Digital environments are provided where employees can share their requests, complaints and suggestions in writing.
Job descriptions and distribution of company employees and performance and reward criteria are announced to employees. Efficiency is taken into account in determining the wages and other benefits given to the employees. The company can create stock acquisition plans for its employees.
Precautions are taken to ensure that there is no discrimination among race, religion, language and gender, and that employees are protected against physical, mental and emotional abuse within the company.
A safe working environment and conditions are provided for employees in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations.
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