Concrete mixers Prices (Mortar Mixing Machine)

We examine in detail the subjects such as the Concrete & Cement Mortar Mixer (Concrete Mixer), which are widely used in construction sites, their usage areas and prices.

Concrete mixers What is it?

Concrete mixer is the name given to the machine that mixes sand, cement, gravel and water in equal amounts and turns it into concrete. The Concrete & Cement Mortar Mixing Machine, which is widely used for concrete production in construction sites today, is also called by various names such as concrete decision.

Mortar mixing machines, which are very simple and understandable in terms of their structure, operate with the help of only a motor in addition to the boiler where raw materials such as sand, water, gravel and cement are placed and converted into concrete. These machines, which are a modern mixing tool despite their simple structure, make the work process extremely easy compared to the old type mixers.

100, 125, 250, 350 and cement mixing having the volume of 500 liters in volume, depending on the machine but also from concrete producing capacity of 1.5 ~ 2 m³ / h 10 ~ 15 m³ / h can rise up. Different engine and electric motor as found in the concrete mixer with the type of fuel diesel and gasoline engine types are also included.

Concrete & Cement Mortar Mixing Machine Uses

They concrete mixer with another name, portability, and the slurry is widely used in the fields of construction it provides great convenience because the mixing point. Installation, cleaning, convenience you can think of all kinds of scenarios, such as maneuvering and other cast and durability of the advantages of a concrete mixer. Generally, these machines can be used in housing projects also preferred places for different projects.

Concrete mixers Prices

Conay as machinery with our wide range of up to 1000 liters we strive to offer the best product appeal. At the same time starting from £ 2299 concrete mixer prices With the advantage of our free delivery products that appeal to every budget delivered to you without having to pay any additional costs.

If you're Conay online stores in our area of ​​the cement mixing machine if you want to browse the product Machine here can be accessed by clicking. 0 for questions you want to ask (212) 428 18 25-428 18 84-591 77 00-591 94 80 or contact us by calling the You can send mail to the e-mail address.

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