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In this article, what is the dam crane used to carry coarse and fine loads that we frequently see in construction sites, user manual and construction elevator We closely examine issues such as price.

Construction Elevator What?

Construction hoistis one of the most frequently used construction vehicles on construction sites. Thanks to its high carrying capacity, the dam crane, which enables the transportation of heavy materials as well as the transportation of almost all construction materials without distinction between coarse and fine thanks to various buckets, also facilitates the working process.


construction elevator

ground controlled belt purse crane

roof crane, construction crane

Dam Crane or Construction Elevator

Our construction crane types are given in the table below:

Manufacturing typeCapacityRope Length
Gantry Cranes--
Manuel Rail Crane500 - 1000 Kg25 m
Silent Type Mini Cranes100 - 120 Kg25 m
Geared Quiet Crane250 Kg25 m
Dam Vinci200 - 250 Kg25 m
Mini Type seiner Crane250 Kg50 - 60 m
monorail Vinç1-5 Ton3 - 30 m

Dam Vinci User Manual

  • Before starting the installation of the construction lift, the chassis of the crane is first placed in the appropriate place in the construction and fixed in parallel with the upper clamp with the help of a water level. The clamp delivered with the lift is removed from the roof or floor and securely positioned.
  • It is extremely important that the motor of the elevator and the electrical cable are connected by a licensed electrician. In order to control the machine, make sure that the lever is activated automatically by pulling the switch lever back at the first start-up by working the rope upwards. During this process, when the switch lever is pulled back, the rope should be upwards, and when the lever is pulled, the rope should be downwards. After the electrical and panel connections of the machine are made securely, the hook can be connected to the bucket.
  • In cases where electrical construction elevators are used, ground connections must be made. Our company cannot be held responsible for errors that may occur if grounding is not made.
  • The lifting and lowering capacities of the construction elevator vary between 200 kg and 500 kg, depending on the electrical voltage.
  • In order to avoid any adverse situation, it is recommended to move without placing any load on the bucket so that the operator can adapt to the machine at the first start. This situation is important both for preventing possible work accidents and for the operator to get used to the machine.
  • It is recommended to lubricate moving parts such as spools and ropes with grease at the end of each use to ensure longer life of the machine. It is of great importance that this maintenance work is done by disconnecting the electrical connections from the machine.
  • Our company purchased from construction elevator will be checked and delivered in working condition. Our products are guaranteed for 1 year against production problems. Motor and electrical parts are not included in this warranty.

Construction Elevator Price

as well as in production, roofing crane machine in many products as we take Conay place for years. It produced entirely within our company and less capable of producing 1.5 horsepower voice our roof sand cranes, including boiler and elevator connection clamp TL 2389 we offer. And only thanks to free shipping advantages without having to pay any money for shipping construction elevator Paying the price of these products can have.

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