Use of Cranes Gırgır

widely used in construction sites, loading and unloading works used in the purse seine winch brake, connection clamps, ropes and electric motor is composed of parts.


Purse seining winch

purse seine winch

Vince Gırgır What?

Purse seine winch frequently encountered on construction sites, sand, gravel, is one of the high business machines used for extraction of construction materials such as wood. this means the field of power electric motor is running and lift loads up are loaded by means of a rope bucket.

Caution should be exercised in the use of purse seine extremely crane used by the crane operator. Cranes must be inspected before they can run on a daily basis, it should not be used in the opposite situation. The maintenance of the winch you have purchased from us is done by our technical team.

Use the crane Gırgır

  • Purse seining is prohibited to use the crane to the construction site without permission from the authorities.
  • Before starting to use the crane must be carried out daily security checks. Before loading the weights, ropes, brake, hook and hook fastening clamps should be controlled, if not otherwise crane operation state.
  • Before loading crane must be operated as a blank and the length of the rope, strength, connection on the drum and the winding should be checked, must be tested brake system and control its operation.
  • Possible absolute failure in the electrical and mechanical construction must be reported to the authority about the situation, "broken" by inserting a plate and service should be expected to arrive.
  • Purse seine winch has the capacity of 250 kg, it is necessary to load transported on this figure. Weight is appropriate to discuss with unknown loads on the official site. workers with cranes to move at the same time is dangerous and strictly prohibited.
  • Cranes used in the loading zone and control the distance of the rope before it moves should be made to work should be started in the region surrounded migration is not possible, after the necessary arrangements.
  • Crane operators and installation personnel or mark the voice will be in constant communication and will comply with it on both sides.
  • Small parts are in suitable packaging material, sand, gravel and such materials can have particular bucket timber, wood, iron and the like long material is meant to be connected to the elevator.
  • Approval will be obtained from loading personnel before the crane is lifted, and the crane will not be lifted until the sign arrives.
  • In case of a possible work accident, the elevator will be stopped, if there is no problem in lowering it, it will be lowered to the ground at a suitable speed and the relevant people will be informed.
  • Crane operator and loading personnel will definitely use the necessary work equipment such as work shoes, hard hat, gloves, and loading personnel will never remove their hard hat.
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