Respectfully our ancestors Anıyoruz

10 November

This November 10 Atatürk and love in our commitment to our partners once again expresses thoughts and feelings as every 10 November, we commemorate our great leader wistfully. As guardians of the Great Leader Atatürk's Indomitable our republic bequeathed to us, our commitment to its principles today in the most profound way proclaims to the whole world, his ...

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Use of Cranes Gırgır

Purse seining winch

Construction site in load lifting and lowering to serve brakes, cables, connection clamps, electric motor ground controlled by belt and pulley colloquially in the construction machinery "purse crane" Another technique known as "ground controlled belt purse crane" is called. Buy seiner crane, the construction and repair work mortar, brick, etc. for the transport of construction materials ...

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The Importance of Building Elevator

roof crane, construction crane

Construction crane lifts the roof construction with another name, are not the least construction machinery. Goods lift (crane) is portable and lightweight materials of construction due to the carrying construction is used without separation in each stage rough construction or thin construction. Dam is controlled from the crane or crane purse place with rebar, sand, bricks, Ytong, mold materials ...

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Concrete mixers What is it?

Concrete mixers

Concrete mixer or a concrete mixer, cement, water and aggregate, such as sand or gravel is a portable machine that combines construction by homogenising. Mixers, mixer or smaller size and portable cement mixers are based on a large concrete mixer, but does the same job generates only a transmikserl mortar reunion. A concrete mixer, mainly as a motor, ...

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