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In this article, used for concrete production betoniyer what? Betoniyer We examine issues such as prices in detail.

Betoniyer What?

Concrete mixer is the name given to the construction machine that allows to obtain mortar by mixing sand, cement, gravel and water in construction sites and construction sites. In ancient times, concrete was obtained by filling dry materials into a crate. Today, the history of concrete mixers, which makes this job much easier and with the least amount of manpower, dates back to ancient times. Concrete mixers are the most common machines used for concrete production today, which is newer than the grinders that emerged after the expensive and laborious box method, in which the materials required for the production of concrete are obtained by filling them into a box.

BetoniyerOnly with a few pieces of work such as concrete production despite a challenging business it makes it extremely easy to use. These machines allow for the preparation of concrete, bucket, into which material consists of a motor to cause movement of the sleeve. ADVANTAGES Thanks to cement mixing provides great convenience for the workers, 100, 125, 250, 350 and has five different volume being 500 liters. volumes of concrete mixers, or depending on the engine's power capacity represents the concrete.

Concrete mixers

concrete mixer or concrete mixer


Our complete range of mixers

Betoniyer TypeCapacityMotor Tipi
100 Litre Betoniyer ( BT100 )1.5 ~ 2 m³ / time*Electric
125 Litre Betoniyer ( BT125)3 m³ / time*Electric
* Gasoline
* Dizel
250 liter mixers (BT250)6 m³ / time*Electric
* Dizel
350 Litre Betoniyer ( BT350)8 m³ / time*Electric
* Dizel
500 Litre Betoniyer ( BT500)10 ~ 15 m³ / time*Electric
* Dizel

Concrete Mixer Deals

Reputable and successful Çonaylar İnşaat Makinaları has adopted the idea of ​​quality service since the first day and has managed to maintain this principle until today. Çonaylar, which manufactures construction machinery such as construction cranes, concrete vibrators, ground machines, betoniyer He did not forget about his production. The company, which aims to offer products suitable for every need with machines ranging from 100 liters to 1000 liters, has clearly demonstrated this with its wide product range.

Offering quality and affordable prices, Çonaylar starts from 2399 TL betoniyer With prices have endeavored to provide accessible products. All of them, as well as offering customers free delivery facilities to be faced with the shipping company charges is up to you to deliver your products without having to pay any additional fee address.

If you say you want to buy a product on Çonay here clicking please visit our virtual store. Betoniyer and you can examine all of our other products in detail, and have information about the technical features of our products. For any questions that you have in mind, you can reach us on 0 (212) 428 18 84 - 428 18 25 - 591 77 00 - 591 94 80 You can also send an email to. Our team will return to you as soon as possible and take care of you in the best way.

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