Rough Construction What is it? Structural Building Materials

Structural work, which means 40% of the structure to be completed by the simplest definition. Well, What is the rough construction? After opening the basic work will begin in the areas identified by the survey engineer the process must be completed in order to start construction. Rendered basic fillers opened and ready to be used mainly lean concrete is poured.

After this process, the necessary iron connections are prepared and the necessary installations for electricity, dirty and clean water discharge are completed and the concrete pouring process begins. After the necessary procedures are applied on each floor, this process is repeated by pouring the appropriate class of concrete. Since the drying process of the concrete can vary depending on the weather conditions, care should be taken to pour the concrete in the most suitable weather conditions. At the same time, it is very important to move the concrete around with the help of hand and to distribute it equally during the pouring phase.

Since the concrete class suitability differs according to the region and climate of the building, building inspection companies take one sample at each casting to check whether the concrete is suitable or not. Molds made of MDF or chipboard are generally used to make the concrete smooth and take the shape of the mold. Since the column formworks must be smooth for the construction to be smooth, building inspection companies primarily check these formworks.

All the concrete is poured and then the process will begin to knit bricks dries floors. Then the rooms, corridors, toilet, bathroom, elevator shafts and building blocks in the structure's interior is particularly pronounced like stair steps. Here is the structure resulting from these transactions are rough construction name.

What is the overall construction?

Rough construction is a construction term that we often hear in our daily life. Rough construction, in its most descriptive form, is the preparation of infill walls and reinforced concrete using products called rough construction materials. Rough construction is also known among the public as buildings that have been installed but not painted, and whose interior plaster, frames and lighting have not yet been completed.

Construction of the technical expert's report is required to be described as rough construction. Technical expert evaluates the structure according to the criteria mentioned above and decides is appropriate. If you meet these requirements we mentioned construction is likely to take the rough construction approval.

Any problems of definition or description of the contract on behalf of the rough construction took place between the buyer and seller are not useful in making. In this way, both the seller and the buyer will live grievances, it will be held a seamless trading.

Structural Building Materials

Construction materials are the general name given to the products that will be used after the foundation of the building is prepared. These construction materials are examined under two different sub-headings as coarse and fine. Rough construction materials are gravel, lime, cement, sand, brick, iron, formwork and formwork fasteners. Although the list is quite long due to the variety of fine construction materials, ready-made screeds, bricks, gas blocks, gypsum plaster, rough plaster, satin plasters, ceramics, granites, marble coatings, drywall works, suspended ceilings, paints, joinery, doors, parquets Examples such as skirting boards and sheathing can be given.

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